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Check Your FICO® Credit Score


Check your credit score before a lender checks yours.

Your credit score can be a factor in most of the important financial events of your life. Lenders may look at it before deciding
whether you are a good risk for a auto loan, credit card, or home mortgage—or how much interest to charge you if you get the loan. Landlords, utilities companies, and even your potential employers may check your credit score.

The availability of FICO scores to consumers, along with online credit reports, means you have new ways to check on your financial status -- and to protect or improve it.

You can order your FICO Score from the following services:

  Get Equifax Score Power Equifax FICO Credit Score


Three credit scores may not be the same.

All three credit agencies do not always have the exact same information, therefore, your three scores will differ slightly. Most mortgage loans companies will run all three credit agencies and takethe middle score. If you have only two scores they will take the lowest of the two.

Three Major Credit Bureaus' Credit Score:

Credit Score

Credit Score

Trans Union
Credit Score

FICO Score /
All Three Bureaus


A credit score is based on your credit report, which shows your past history in managing credit. Surprisingly, more than 50% of US consumers' credit reports contain one or more errors. That's why it's critical that you check your credit reports at least once a year, or at the very least three to six months before planning to buy a house or a car. That will give you sufficient time to correct any errors before a lender pulls your score.





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