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Check your credit history rating from Equifax, Experian (TRW), and TransUnion.

Anyone who has bought a home or applied for a mortgage knows that your credit report can cost you thousands of dollars in extra loan charges or can save you thousands.

With today's technology, credit reports can be obtained easily on the internet. If you haven't seen your credit report lately, get a 3 bureau merged credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies -- Equifax, Experian (TRW), , and TransUnion. Each of the three national credit reporting agencies are independent of each other. Therefore what is on one report may or may not be on another. See how your credit will measure up for a loan or credit before you apply.

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Identity Theft Warning

Recent identity theft incident has renewed consumer conerns. Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of information such as Social Security and driver's license numbers and uses it for their own personal gain. The Federal Trade Commission says last year alone it received about 250,000 identity theft complaints. It's easy for you to become the next victim. Click here for more info on how to prevent identity theft.

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Credit and Mortgage Related News
December 4, 2013
How to spot fraud on your credit reports

News from MSN Money:

This post comes from Gerri Detweiler at partner site Credit.com.
You find wrong information on your credit report. Is it a simple mistake or something more sinister? Here are some warning signs that you could be a victim of credit fraud:
Your personal information is wrong
“If you see a name you’ve never used, a [...]

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Consumer Watchdog to Monitor Student Loan Servicers

News from New York Times:

If you’re a borrower having trouble with the company that handles your student loans, you may be interested to learn that the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will soon begin scrutinizing practices of the largest loan servicers, the companies that manage loans on behalf of lenders.
The bureau announced on Tuesday that [...]

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December 3, 2013
How To Not Suck… At Disputing Credit Report Errors

News from The Consumerist:

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How to Get Started Improving Your Credit: The Inside Information You Need to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Do Things Right the First Time (U.S. Credit Secrets Series)The best way to get started improving your credit is a three-step process that involves (1) learning the key points about [...]

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CFPB gaining wider clout over student-loan servicers

News from Washington Post:

Companies operating outside of the banking system that process student loan payments will be subject to federal examinations for the first time, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Monday.
Starting March 1, the government watchdog will regulate the seven largest student-loan servicers that process payments for more that 49 million borrower accounts — [...]

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December 1, 2013
Paying off a loan tied to a failed business

News from Los Angeles Times:

Dear Liz: We took a home equity loan against our house to open a business in 2006. We also ran up credit card debt for the business. The business went under, and we’re struggling to pay off the loan, which is $ 150,000 (a $ 1,150 payment every month), [...]

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Identity theft is a growing problem

Identity theft occurs where someone uses your personal information to commit fraud. Identity theft includes someone fraudulently using someone else’s name, address, driver’s license number, credit card or bank information, Social Security number, or any other personal identification data without authorization. The thief uses this information to make major purchases or to open credit card accounts, bank accounts, and telephone service accounts, all in your name.


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Basic Info:

A credit report is a document that contains a factual record of an individual's credit payment history. It is mainly used to judge his/her credit worthiness by lenders. The credit report not only lists basic information such as your name and social security number, but other information pertaining to your credit, especially your borrowing and repaying habits. Basically, it shows how you treat credit and your relationships with creditors.

Your credit can determine what you can buy, what type of car you drive, and even where you can live. It is important to maintain the best credit report possible. Each person should check his or her credit report and make sure it is correct.

Credit score is a scientific method that uses statistical models to assess an individual's credit worthiness based on their credit history and current credit accounts. A computer-generated score is compiled using information from an individual's credit report. Creditors frequently use the scores when deciding who receives loans.


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